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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for Qualified GIM Therapists and Trainees

The GIM Prelude: Half-day training with Prof Lisa Summer - September 2018


Date: Friday 14th September 2018


Time: 4:30pm - 8pm


Cost: £40. In order to book a place please contact Martin Lawes. Places will be limited so early booking is advised.


Venue: Hugh Cubitt Community Centre, 48 Collier Street, London, N1 9QZ.



A GIM client enters the therapy room preoccupied with concerns from daily life.  Yet, the GIM therapist knows that it is possible to transcend the limits of everyday reality and – in the music experience – gain access to deeply repressed and previously inaccessible answers to those life concerns.  But how is it possible to sensitively, yet efficiently, address a client’s unceasing desire to talk about daily life?


This seminar will explore the function of the prelude as well as strategies to use for 1) quickly shifting a client’s attention to the internal world, and 2) creating a bridge on which external tensions may be carried, and worked out, in the music experience.


Intended primarily for GIM trainees.



Music-centered GIM: One-day training with Prof Lisa Summer - September 2018


Date: Saturday 15th September 2018


Time: 10am - 6pm


Cost: £100. In order to book a place please contact Martin Lawes. Places will be limited so early booking is advised.

Venue: Hillside Church, 37 Worple Road, Wimbledon, SW19 4JZ 


Since Helen Bonny developed GIM in 1970, music has always been considered the GIM guide’s co-therapist, yet the concept of music as primary therapist has received little attention (Summer, 1998).  This seminar will focus on Music-centered GIM which was established by combining Helen Bonny’s foundational principle: listening deeply to music with the concept of a pure music transference.


Music-centered interventions will be demonstrated, and participants will gain hands-on practice in experiential dyads.  


Intended for advanced GIM trainees and Fellows.




Summer, L. (1998). “The Pure Music Transference in Guided Imagery and Music”. In: Bruscia, K.E. The Dynamics of Music Psychotherapy. Gilsum, NH: Barcelona Publishers.


Summer, L. (2011). Client Perspectives on the Music in Guided Imagery and Music (GIM). In Qualitative inquires in music therapy: a monograph series. Monograph 2,  pp. 34-74




Lisa Summer, one of the worlds leading GIM therapists and trainers, is Professor/Director of Music Therapy at Anna Maria College. She developed her Continuum Model of GIM in the 1980’s through her clinical practice and as Coordinator of Helen Bonny’s GIM training in the U.S., then in 1995 she established the model as a new paradigm of training at the Institute for Music & Consciousness. 

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