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Level 1: Foundation Course



Prerequisites for MI and GIM training 


  • To be qualified as a music therapist, counsellor, psychotherapist or similar. Trainee therapists may attend the Level 1 Foundation Course.

  • To have a minimum of 1 year's post-qualification experience working as a therapist.

  • To have a sufficiently well-developed relationship with music. A formal music education is desirable but not required. 


It is desirable, though not essential, to have received one or more GIM sessions. Contact details for qualified therapists and advanced level trainees able to offer sessions can be found on the Music and Imagery Association UK and Ireland websiteIt is also desirable, though again not essential, to have undertaken some preliminary reading.



Course outline


During this 3-day course, trainees develop foundation level skills in Guided Music and Imagery (GIM) and Music and Imagery (MI) with a strong emphasis on experiential learning (group and dyad experiences). Those who complete the course will be able to utilise the skills acquired to facilitate music and relaxation sessions and simple guided visualisation at a supportive level. To practice MI or GIM themselves further training is required.


The seminar includes:


  • an introduction to the contemporary spectrum of GIM and MI methods

  • focus on music, relaxation and simple guided visualization

    • working in pairs to develop relaxation induction skills                                   

    • experiential work using basic imagery scripts
    • music recommendations
  • focus on Music and Imagery (MI) for Health and Wellbeing

    • introduction to Supportive (resource-oriented) and Re-educative (issue-oriented) MI 

    • experiential group session

    • case examples

  • focus on the Bonny Method of GIM:

    • the development of the method

    • the role of the guide and the music, the music programmes, altered states of consciousness and imagery in GIM

    • demonstration session

    • working in pairs to develop basic guiding skills 

    • case examples

  • overview of further training in MI and GIM, Levels 2-4



Article about Introductory Level GIM Training


Level I Foundation course, May 31 - June 2, 2018, London    



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