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Level 2: Diploma in Re-educative Music and Imagery (RMI) ​

This course is open to those who have satisfactorily completed the Certificate in SMI and its requirements. Training is provided in Re-educative MI (RMI) as a brief form of music-centred psychotherapy designed to address psychological/emotional/mental health issues identified by the client. The working method is similar to that used in SMI involving the use of suitable recorded music, arts and verbal dialogue, with both supportive and re-educative level work included in the process according to client need. The goal is for the client to develop self-awareness and self-acceptance in relation to their issues and feelings, and associated with this to develop insight into their patterns of engagement in life and in relationships as may limit or cause difficulty. On this basis, the client may be able to make changes and in the process become more able to manage life's challenges. RMI training has a strong emphasis on experiential learning, with a period of supervised personal and client work to complete the course. 



  • Receive 6 RMI sessions with a trained Music and Imagery therapist. 

  • Deliver a minimum of 12 RMI sessions to clients integrated with SMI according to client need.

  • Small group and individual supervision.

  • Complete required reading responses.

  • Complete case summaries and a self-reflective learning reports

  • Develop and categorise a pool of RMI music.​

  • Music analysis

  • Present and discuss RMI case work (final presentation). 

Those who satisfactorily complete the course and its requirements will be qualified to practice both SMI and RMI and receive a Diploma in Supportive and Re-educative Music and Imagery (MI). Trainees will not, however, be qualified to practice GIM for which further training is required. 


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