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CPD Programme 2024

2024 Music and Imagery Symposium (online)

Date: April 27, 2024, 9:20am - 3pm. This CPD event will take place online.

Cost: £25

This CPD event will consist of case presentations of Supportive Music and Imagery (SMI) and Reeducative Music and Imagery (RMI). Work with children, adults, individuals and groups will be presented. Some of the presentations will illustrate the integration of MI with other therapeutic methods including music improvisation, EMDR and somatic experiencing. 

The day is intended as a CPD event for those trained in MI with the Integrative GIM Training Programme. The event is also open to music and art therapists, counsellors, psychotherapists and others interested in training in MI/GIM. An introductory session will be included for those not familiar with the MI/GIM.

Further details and booking information.

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