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Training Programme Overview



The Integrative GIM Training Programme is a post-MA level training in Music and Imagery (MI) and Guided Imagery and Music (GIM), endorsed by the Association for Music and Imagery (AMI). The training takes place in stages with the simpler Music and Imagery (MI) methods taught first. For those wishing only to train in MI, the Certificate and Diploma in MI courses are complete in themselves: on satisfactory completion of each course and its requirements, trainees are qualified to practice MI. For those wishing to continue with the Advanced Diploma in GIM and MI, the MI training forms the foundation. 


Level 1: Certificate in Supportive Music and Imagery (SMI)

(4.5 days)





Level 2: Diploma in Re-educative Music and Imagery (RMI)

(5 days)




Level 3: Advanced Diploma in GIM & MI

(6 x 3 days)



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