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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for Qualified GIM Therapists and Trainees


Music and Imagery (MI) and modified Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) methods

in individual and group work with Dr Torben Moe and Gunn Karoline Fugle


Date: Friday 26th October 2018


Time: 10am - 6pm


Cost: £100. In order to book a place please contact Martin Lawes. 


Venue: Hugh Cubitt Community Centre, 48 Collier Street, London, N1 9QZ.


Music and Imagery (MI) and other modified GIM methods are becoming increasingly important in contemporary practice and research in GIM. These methods enable effective work to be carried out with clinical populations and in situations where the Bonny Method of GIM as originally developed would not be suitable. We’re delighted that Dr Torben Moe, one of Europe’s leading specialists and researchers in MI, and Gunn Karoline Fugle, a specialist in work with children and young people, are able to offer this training. It is intended for qualified GIM therapists and advanced level GIM trainees, who have not received training in MI.


The training will be focused on Torben Moe's model of Music and Imagery (MI), and how this is used in practice*. Strategies to introduce MI to clients and structure a session series will be included and MI group formats demonstrated. Video examples will illustrate MI and modified GIM with refugees suffering from PTSD.


Gunn Karoline Fugle will join us for an hour by Skype to introduce the MI method she has developed which incorporates clinical improvisation. She will describe how she establishes a safe framework with a predictable structure, and later expands the sessions as the process unfolds between child and therapist.


*This is the type of MI where the clients image in an Altered State of Consciousness without guiding whilst listening to a short selection of recorded music. This differs from the other MI methods taught on the Integrative GIM Training Programme where the clients draw whilst listening to the music.




Beck, B., Lund, S., Messell, C., Soegaard, U., Simonsen, E., Moe, T. (2018): Feasibility of trauma-focused Guided Imagery and Music with adult refugees diagnosed with PTSD: A pilot study. Nordic Journal of Music Therapy, Volume 27, no 1. 


Fugle, G. K. (2015). ‘The Rhythm that scares the monster’: Music and Imagery for a child with Complex Trauma after Child Abuse and Neglect. From: Grocke, D., Moe, T. eds. Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) and Music Imagery Methods for Individual and Group Therapy. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.


Grocke, D., Moe, T. (Eds). (2015). Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) and Music Imagery Methods for Individual and Group Therapy.London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.



Dr Torben Moe has been a Primary Trainer in GIM since 1995 and has run training programmes in a number of countries in Northern Europe. He is a Fellow of the Association for Music and Imagery in the US and has worked as a music therapist with people who have psychiatric disorders, personality disorders, neurological disorders and brain damage. He was formerly Head of Music Therapy at Sct Hans Psychiatriatric Centre, Copenhagen, Denmark. Torben founded the Danish GIM Network in 1992, and today he is the Chair of the Board of the European Association of Music and Imagery (EAMI). Torben's doctoral research was in group Music and Imagery (MI) for clients with schizophrenia. He has also researched group MI for clients with addictions and currently has a position as Senior Researcher in Region Seeland, Denmark, leading a research programme with refugees suffering from PTSD.


Gunn Karoline Fugle is a music therapist with Cand philol, majoring in music from the University of Oslo, and a GIM therapist. She has specialist training in child and adolescent psychiatry, and is an educational therapist.  She has training in body psychotherapy. She is now working in mental health services for children and young people, BUP Førde, and she also teaches at Sogn og Fjordane University College, Dept. of education and music.

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